West Side Game 2

Last nights hockey games was the Ice Barons (my team) vs the Jets.  It was close for just over two periods before falling behind in the third period to three unanswered goals.  The final was 6-3, it was a very even game for the most part. 

First, my stats.  I had one goal, one assist, one penalty, one drawn penalty and a clank off the post on a partial break away.

Game breakdown, As this team has shown over two games, they have average skaters that can compete for just over 2 periods, we have been in both games and been tied or within a goal in each case.  If the team would shorten the shifts they would be in better shape to maintain that in the third period.  I also think that it would be a good idea to play more of a left wing lock system and focus more on position then an all out skate where ever the puck goes mentality.  Those are my 2 cents for the Captain / coach.

Tonight, another game…should have another post tommorrow.

Running league total 1 goal, 1 assit 2pts in 2 games.


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