Game Schedule and Quick Status

Sorry for my tardyness, the last game vs the Piranhas was my 50th regular season game of the year.  I didn’t mention that I picked up 2 points in the game, a goal and assist even though the scoresheet listed 2 goals – the net result was the same.

This past week had the first Cleveland Heights playoff game in which we lost to Blue 2-1 in a chippy game.  We now trail the best of 3 1-0.  The second game of the week was Shakers first spring game and my 51st game of the year.    I picked up another goal in the 5-3 win over the red team.  The spring Shaker team isn’t as strong as the fall team, but should be fun.

Last nights game for the West Side was a big one, the regular season is winding down and we played one of our best all around games beating the Blast 6-0 and I was able to chip in 2 goals after moving over to play left wing in 52nd game.  The west side playoff race is getting tight, we are now 1 point out of first.

This weeks schedule is as follows….

Monday – Game 2 of the Cleveland Heights playoffs vs Blue at 9:30pm

Tuesday – Shaker spring game 2 at 10pm

Wednesday – Game 3 of the Cleveland Heights playoffs (if we win on Monday) vs Blue at 9:30pm


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