SharePoint – Dynamic Webparts driven from other SP Lists

Problem – The need to build report pages that won’t change in design, but are controlled by other SP Lists.

Here is my solution – I used a few Content Editor Web Parts to make the changes to the UI along with the corresponding dataview webparts that are Xml/Xslt based to drive the content from a SharePoint list to the report page.

Each of these are slightly different…Exceptions web part expands and collapses like the others, the content is driven from a list to display a file in the report library with custom tags and text that determine the location, the alt properties and title of the link.

The volumes container like the others expand and collapse. The content is a collection of dataviews that display the count of records in the webpart, then the link and image are dynamically generate by a seperate SP List.

Another sample with dynamic content.


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